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Product Name:  Self Sealing Pouches
CHARACTERS AS FOLLOWS See-Through,Excellent peelabililty. Quickly,Self-Adhesive strip sealed.

Product Name:  Tyverk Reels
KDL Tyverk reel is made from Polyester/Gather ethy-lene composite film and tyverk material.Through the in-dicator changing can tell the PLASMA process.In the sterilization process the indicator change from green to yellow. This indicator is a Class 1 multi-variable indica-tor(GB18282-2000),can&rsquot indicated sterilization effect. Tyvek R is a rather unique material produced by DuPont,is known for its outstanding strength,durability,and tear resistance

Product Name:  Mini-spike

Product Name:  PE Extension Tube
Male and Female Luer Adapter Slide or Lock Clamp Sterile

Product Name:  Suction Catheter Kits
Medical Grade PVC Tubing ABS valve Pop-up Solution Cup 1 or 2 Vinyl Glove Included Sterile

Product Name:  Irrigation Kit
Medical Grade Material Sterile Not Use for Injection

Product Name:  Heparin Caps
Latex/Latex Free Yellow Color/Transparant Sterile

Product Name:   Umbilical Cord Clamp
Umbilical Cord Clamp Individually Packaged Sterile

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