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GST Culture

   Company culture ties up and lubricates the internal and external relationship of the company.  As the business in China’s medical industry becomes standardized and transparent increasingly, KDL Company has realized the significance of company culture, which is lifted to the unprecedented high level together with the accumulation of company management experience and the exploration of new management mode. Through the twenty-three years of development, KDL Company has extracted GST (acronym of Getting Success Together) as the core of company culture, which strengthens the common values and harmony among the company, employees, customers and partners. In this case, the cultural advantage of multilateral parties is exerted to achieve the all-win outcome.

   In-side the company, KDL considers the employees as the constructer of company development. The development of the employee and the company are complementary to each other. Therefore, KDL does not only provide the safe and comfortable working environment to the staff, but also regularly organize all kinds of training programs and activities, which make the GST philosophy affect people in work life. 

   Outside the company, the GST culture is interpreted by KDL people in following way “We are responsible to the medical workers, patients and all persons who use our products and accept our service. To satisfy their demand, all we provide must be high-quality.” Besides the implementation inside the company, the GST philosophy is largely adopted into marketing, which establishes the GST relationship and the trust between KDL and the customers. It helps KDL and customers to share mutual resources, complement each other and develop good cooperation so as to realize the increase of market competence and maximize the KDL brand value.

   GST obviously represents the business objective of KDL Company and the commitment of KDL employees.

   Company Vision: Provide advanced products and service for global human health.
   Company Mission:Benefit the society, shareholder, company and employee.
   Company Culture: Get Subsistence, Success and Development Together.
   Company Operation Principle: Learn from GST, Live with GST, Develop in GST.