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Sterilization Reels

    KDL Sterilization reels is heat-sealed by composite film and imported raw paper.
    Have following characters.

    All imprints are located outside the packing area to prevent ink pigment migration to the product.
    Transparent,multilayer co-polymer film allows easy identification.
    Reinforced film to avoid tear during opening
    Superior barrier with 60 gsm or 70 gsm medical kraft paper EN868-3 is applied.
    Can be easily sealed with all sealing machines.
    Non-toxic accurate,process indicators for steam,EO gas and Formaldehyde(FORM GAS)conforming to the EN 867-2.
    Strong seal-strength,visible sealing lines.
    Clean fibre-free opening.
    All materials comply with international standards.
    Conformity with EN 868-5,ISO 11607.